The Confident Deceptions 4-DVD set is now on sale!

These DVD’s came out absolutely beautiful. This has been a project in the making since 2011, before my first book was even released!

In the DVD’s I teach 16 of the effects from the book Confident Deceptions. The other 2 effects are included as performance-only in the bonus material section. During the explanations I teach any moves that are needed for the effects. There’s also a section where I devote much more time to teaching the pinky count, spread cull, and a false shuffle. Each DVD is about 1 hour and 30 minutes for a total of about 6 hours worth of material. And, finally, we decided to shoot the entire project in stunning 1080 high definition. Again, they truly look amazing.

They are available right now in my store. This is the only place you can buy them right now. Also, I’ll be having plenty of contests on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter where you could win a set for FREE! So, be sure to follow me and sign up to my email list. Speaking of free giveaways, congrats to Alex Duval, Michael Weiss, Nick Varga, Dean Whitlock, Sam Reynolds, Nate Green, Tod Waller, Terry Ward, and Tommy Jackson. They’re just a few of the recent winners of anything from my book, to three-way mirrors, to close-up mats, to lecture notes.

I’ve heard tremendous feedback from one of my last blogs about you guys getting more gigs. That makes me feel great to know when you’ve turned all that practicing and love of your art into paying gigs. There are so many people out there that would love to see your magic. Don’t keep it to yourself!

On a recent Facebook post I asked what are some topics you’d like covered in future blogs. In this blog, the release of my DVD set stole the show. But here’s what I’ll be writing about in upcoming blogs: How I manage my practice time, learning new moves, entertainment value of gambling material verses magic effects, how to introduce new material into your show, your persona, breaking the ice at corporate events or table hopping, modifying existing effects to suit you, and creating new material. (Man, that’s a lot of things to cover!)

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