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“He was sent from a supernatural power… he’s THAT good.”

Mike Rowe host of the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs and CNN’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It.

“His card handling skills are as mind-blowing as his preposterous attitude. Which is to say, beyond imagination.”

– JJ Abrams

“I saw Jason perform live and he blew my mind. If you think his videos are dope, his shows are 1000 times better.”

– Cole Walliser Director and creator of GLAMBOT

“The night’s got Golden Era charm, surprises, delights with a full show by Jason Ladanye who knocked everyone the F out. The crowd was screaming with Joyful bewilderment.”

– Michael Carbonaro

“Never did I think that playing cards would blow my mind this much. I always love when things seem unexplainable.”

–Kendall Long from the hit TV show The Bachelor

“Jason Ladanye is one of the best card shufflers in the world when it comes to gambling demonstrations. He’s up there with Richard Turner. He’s an absolute beast.”

–Chris Ramsay

“You cannot possibly imagine the things Jason can do with a deck of cards. You might think it’s a sort of special effects or some other kind of shenanigans. I promise you there’s no tomfoolery or hijinks involved, other than your mind playing tricks on you. It is just good old-fashioned sleight of hand and illusion. A thoroughly enjoyable show that will absolutely blow your mind!”

–Jack Maxwell host of the Travel Channel’s Booze Traveler.

“I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.”

– CC Sabathia, NY Yankees

“What he’s doing is impossible!”

– Brett Gardner, NY Yankees

“A genius with a deck of cards. Extremely knowledgeable about everything related to cheating at playing cards.”

– Inside Edition

“I have no idea how you’re doing that. I see it but I can’t believe it.”

– ABC’s 20/20

“It was non-stop, mind-blowing fun. The floor still has a dent in it from where my jaw was dropping over and over again.”

– Quint Spitzer, General Manager of NYC Harmonie Club

“Jason performs at our expos across the country 4 to 5 times a year and fools anyone and everyone he performs for. Highly recommended for trade shows and expos.”

– Michael Wittenberg, National Vape Expo

“Jason was a consummate professional and thoroughly enjoyable! He was punctual, responsive, and proactive around our planning/schedule in the earlier months, and worked non-stop in some pretty intense heat during our event—with some serious restrictions, including no seating/standing-room-only available for the whole time; he brought such delight to our guests! Would hire him again in an instant. Thank you, Jason—amazing magic!!”
– Wendy Rosher, Ellis Medicine

“Wow! What a great magician! Very entertaining. Very funny. Amazing tricks. Took the time to work the room and meet with all guests to ensure a nice evening for everyone. Reasonably priced and very easy to work with. Would hire again for sure!”
– Brain C. Kingston Dental

“Jason was fantastic. We hired him for a corporate Grand Opening and he was perfect. Professional and sociable and his tricks are Amazing. Will hire him again as he was worth every penny!”
– James Ward, Marble and Granite

“Jason Ladanye was hired to provide entertainment for The National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame’s staff party.  He had come highly recommended by someone who used him frequently and I was told he would “amaze.”  He did.  He was engaging, entertaining, and absolutely astonishing.  It is one thing to see these types of card tricks performed on a stage or on the television, but when you see it right in front of you and still cannot possibly figure out how he accomplished the trick, it is truly mind blowing!  Jason was not only engaging and entertaining, but extremely professional.  I would definitely hire him again for future events!”
– Cathy Marino, Director, National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame

“I haven’t stopped hearing about how amazing Jason Ladanye was at our event on Saturday night. He’s been compared to David Blaine and other magicians of that caliber. I’m so happy we added Jason to our lineup and our guests really thought he was incredible. We would definitely consider having him back next year!”
– Kristie DeLoreto, Allergy & Asthma Awareness Initiative, Inc.

“Jason Ladanye’s close-up magic is absolutely mind-boggling. The intimate forum makes his show that much more amazing. If I didn’t see what I saw, from just inches away with my very own eyes, I would not have believed it was possible. It’s simply MAGIC! Having a performer of Jason Ladanye’s caliber showcase his talent in Windham NY is such a privilege.”
– Dr. Lori Torgersen, Green County Legislator

“What an amazing night of magic! Jason owns the room when he performs and he just kept getting better as the night went on. Highly recommended for any event. I’ll definitely be hiring him again. And do NOT play poker with him!!!”
– Melissa Smith, Media Logic

 “I hired Jason several times in the past. He performed at a few of my Christmas company parties and has also performed at a friend’s wedding. Always something that guests are raving about for years. I have coworkers that say they will only go to the party if Jason is going to be there. He is a hit and will be my first go-to for entertainment that actually entertains!!”
– Gregg Kelley, Northeastern Fine Jewelry

“Jason provided the entertainment for our company holiday party and was a huge hit. He performed mingle magic during our cocktail hour, as well as a formal set full of cheat secrets at the end of the night. Everyone was blown away by his tricks and his charm! Would definitely recommend!!”
– Nicole Melius The Gorman Group

“Jason’s show was superb. He is well known for his mastery of card manipulation and performs incredible sleight of hand effortlessly. What was not known, was how well his personality, charisma and humor could captivate a crowd. Using these intangible talents, Mr. Ladanye created a performance that was fun, vivacious and exceptional. He left his audience completely under his spell. Word spread rapidly around town about what a wonderful time people had at their performance.”
– Joe and Diane Garsetti, co-proprietors of the Sparta Avenue Stage

“Jason was the star entertainer at our event! Our guests were mesmerized by his sleight of hand and card tricks! Jason is a must have for a successful party, gala or fundraiser!”
– Christine Harmon

“A truly amazingly talented person. I’d expect to find a magician like Jason performing at the Bellagio or the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.”
– Dave Gill The Knowledge Network

“A superb technician, the very definition of a professional performer.”
– Andrew Wimhurst

“Jason is a future great of card magic.”
– Darwin Ortiz foremost expert on crooked gambling

“Everyone really enjoyed Jason and his unbelievable magic. Highly recommended!”
– John DiFrisco Corporate Event Planner, Fuji Films

“Jason Ladanye is a master of artifice, ruse, and subterfuge at the card table.”
– Jack Carpenter

“Jason Ladanye is a new and exciting international cardician whose passion for the subject is second only to the uninhibited skill he has worked hard to achieve. He brings a refreshing perspective to the subject – his material and virtuosity sparkles with raw power and energy.” 
– Michael Vincent

“Jason is enchanting, engaging, and charismatic. The level of his abilities are nothing short of fascinating… even sorcerous. Needless to say, he was a huge hit. We would recommend Jason to anyone looking for a personal and exciting touch perfect for any event.” 
– Matt Hayden USM Solutions

“We had a great time. Your card magic is truly amazing!  To impress a roomful of engineers and chemists is no small feat, but you managed to do it and do it well!”
– Carol Dean

“A truly amazingly talented person. I’d expect to find a magician like Jason performing at the Bellagio or the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.”
– Dave Gill

“Jason performed at our wedding this summer. He was simply outstanding. His magic and charm truly made our wedding day perfect.”
– Katie Orcutt

“Jason’s ideas with a deck of cards never ceases to amaze me! His ability to fool laymen AND magicians only elevates his talents.”
– Joshua Jay

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