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In this video, Jason teaches three very important sleights often used in his work. Buy this download to learn the Pinky Count, the Spread Cull, and the PT shuffle.

Total Duration: 13:51

1 review for Utility Moves

  1. Michele Isenburg (verified owner)

    In this short video, Jason demonstrates and teaches 3 card moves: the pinky count, the spread cull and the push through shuffle. On the pinky count Jason provides some tips on how to learn the move and strengthen the muscles of your little finger. The description of the move can be found in the first chapter of his book “Game changer”. It’s very useful to see him perform it. Spread cull is the second utility move that Jason shows and explains well. This is a very important move worth learning as it allows to secretly bring to the top of the deck whatever card or groups of cards you want. The last part of the video is dedicated to the push through shuffle. Jason gives for granted that you already know how to perform this false shuffle. He however provides some useful tips on how to perform this false shuffle smoothly and deceptively. As for all videos teaching card magic, I prefer to learn first from a book (I use a lot the Card College series) and then look at the video to see how it is performed from a professional magician. I really enjoyed this short video! Thanks Jason.

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