Overpowered (Lecture Notes)

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Jason’s latest set of lecture notes which include six high-impact card effects. 29 pages / Comb bound.

Royal Production: Find a powerful poker hand under impossible conditions.

Top Draw: A spectator shuffles and cuts and deals you four Aces.

Catch Me if You Can: Play an easy game with a spectator. No matter what they can’t win!

Bridge Bet: From a shuffled deck, you not only split the Aces between you and your partner, you get a grand slam!

Ladanye’s Triumph: In Ladanye’s version, there’s no doubt the cards are mixed faces into backs… because the are.

Liar Liar: A NDO closer that leaves your audience speechless!

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3 reviews for Overpowered (Lecture Notes)

  1. Bill M.

    All I can do is say—“Get these notes!” Royal production is a great quick poker routine that I use all the time now. Starts with a shuffled deck and ends with you dealing yourself a royal flush. Brilliant. Speaking of brilliant, the Triumph in this set of notes is beyond incredible. The cards really are mixed and yet you end finding the spectator’s cards and straightening out the deck. Catch me if you Can made me nervous the first time I tried it, but it really works!! All the effects are really smart and pack a punch. Highly recommended.

  2. Matt R

    Ladanye can somehow keep finding great new rountines. Every trick in here is a fresh take. Royal Production is a poker deal where you show the audience all the cards face up and have them break up the high cards and yet you still win with a strong poker hand. I’ll let you guess which hand you get! Top Draw is another poker routine where you deliver on your promise, just not the way the audience expects. Catch me if you can is a three phase proposition bet-type effect that’s very similar to the Paul Harris trick Reflex. Jason added all sorts of new twists and turns. This one is a KILLER. Bridge bet is an amazing bridge demo. You deal the Aces to you and your partner with money on the line, and if that weren’t enough… the rest of your cards ain’t bad either. Great effect. The Triumph is simply miracle status. Jason has an entirely new method for his version. But the audience will be completely floored when they see the climax! This is my favorite out of the whole set of notes. And finally, Liar Liar (great title) is something similar to Jason trick “The Set-Up” from his first book. You teach the audience a card trick, but then floor them at the end. The cards are mixed so many times and shown to be mixed so many times… and yet at the end your showing a full deck in New Deck Order. Absolutely Phenomenal. 5 stars. I can’t wait for the new book too!

  3. Jon M.

    As always, amazing material. Catch Me if You Can is now my favorite trick to do. So much fun to perform. Don’t hesitate and get a set of these great notes. All the effects ROCK!!!

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