Cons for the Distinguished Gentleman (Lecture Notes)

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Jason’s latest set of lecture notes which include five high-impact card effects. 26 pages / Comb bound.

Pop-Up Poker:
You and the spectator try to find a royal flush by picking five random cards from the deck they shuffled. You find yours instantly in a very visual way!

Ladanye’s Collectors:
Here’s Jason’s version of this classic effect. You set the bar a little too high with a challenge, but eventually the Aces trap all the selections.

A Gentleman’s Game:
Play an easy game of high-card cut with a spectator where the secret to winning is lying. When the spectator tries to lie, they still can’t win. In Ladanye’s version of this effect, you have lots of laughs, you show incredible skill, and the audiences witnesses an incredible transposition.

Nightmare on Fifth Street:
From a shuffled deck, you deal your opponent the four Aces during a game of Texas Hold ’em. However, the last card on the river completes your winning hand. This one is a reputation maker!

The Devil’s Warm-Up:
This opener will set the tone for the rest of the show. It’s a non-stop powerful mixture of magic and skill that tells your audience you are a master with a deck of cards.

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9 reviews for Cons for the Distinguished Gentleman (Lecture Notes)

  1. jdjed24

    These notes are amazing, my favourite effect from these notes would have to be “Nightmare on fifth Street”. But all 5 effects will add greatness to your repertoire, they are also useful if you want to add a gambling theme to your act.

  2. Michael Vincent

    With his new book just around the corner, Jason has decided to spoil us with a few more choice effects from his repertoire. What surprises me, is that these could easily have been in this book.

    Here are five excellent effects that will prepare you for the imminent arrival of his next book “Game Changer.”

    Each effect is powerful entertaining card magic. If you have studied “Top-Shelf Notes” and “Overpowered,” then “Cons for the Distinguished Gentleman” will be a most satisfying purchase for you.

    The effects in this collection will not appear in Jason’s new book.

    Highly recommended

    Michael Vincent

  3. Daniel Roy

    Jason has out done himself again. This is an incredible set of notes — strong and consistent premises, clever methods, and killer effects. Regardless of your skill level, you’ll be able to find something for you.

    I’ve had the chance to see Jason perform some of these routines for a live audience during his formal show. If I could have recorded the audience reaction, written reviews would be unnecessary. They’re that strong.

  4. Daren Rotherham

    An excellent set of notes! I have all of Jason’s magic, including his DVD set which is awesome also! Do yourself a favour a get everything this guy puts out, brilliant material from a brilliant performer! I love every effect in the new set of notes, there is gambling themed material specially a killer Texas hold ’em routine, which I am very fond of, pretty easy to do also, so happy man! There is a terrific collectors routine which is a very close 2nd in my opinion! Again a very good set of notes and highly recommended!

  5. Tom Duffy

    There are a rare few magicians that I buy their work sight unseen. Jason Ladanye is one of them. Why? Because I know with anything he puts out he’s spent an enormous amount of time and energy working on, testing, and perfecting the effects. They will always garner great reactions. Jason is one of the most disciplined and dedicated card men I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, and it shows once again in his new lecture notes. The effects are clear, straightforward, and uncluttered. He also put them out at just the right time, considering I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of his next book and needed a fix. While I’m not a distinguished gentleman, I’m definitely a loyal fan.

  6. Adam Parisi

    Jason delivers some great material in his new lecture notes. Gambling routines will forever be some of the most interesting magic you can do for audiences with a deck of cards. Jason’s routines are a welcome addition to this genre of card magic. With 5 great routines to work into your current set’s or to do as standalone effects every card man/woman will find something they will use. I instantly fell in love with Nightmare On 5th Street. A Texas Hold Em demonstration that is so much fun to practice and even more fun to perform. You can not go wrong with picking up these lecture notes. Shuffle up and (bottom) deal.

  7. Markus Bengtsson

    Everytime Jason publishes something i always buy it as soon as possible. There is always effects that i add to my repertoire. From this lecture note I instantly added “nightmare on fifth street” and i’m getting really great reactions.

    If you are in to the gambling themes of card effects these lecture notes are highly recommended. (altough everything Jason publishes is highly recommended)

    cant wait for his next book!

  8. Alex Csurko

    When these notes were first published I bought them and studied them over the Christmas period. I immediately fell in love with this third instalment of lecture notes, striving to add them to my repertoire.

    The material within these pages reflect two types of effects: Visual and Theatrical.

    Pop-Up Poker is an easy ( methodology-wise), quick, and fun opener, designed to cement your prestige as a world-class card mechanic.

    The Devil’s Warm-Up follows Darwin Ortiz’ concept of beginning with demonstrations of skill and concluding with strong magic. A progressive four-card production only wets the audience’s appetite as they instantly change into four Aces and then – from four cards to five – into a royal flush … without ever utilising the deck.

    Ladanye’s Collectors – although another opener – provides humour, tension and anticipation, skill, and magic from the beginning of your act. This is one of my favourite collectors routines (alongside Precision Aces and The Gathering from Confident Deceptions) because the sandwiching is logical.

    Nightmare on Fifth Street is akin to Darwin Ortiz’ Positively Fifth Street, but on a whole different level. One of the easiest methodologies (if you can Faro consecutively) but one of the best routines in the notes. All in all, it’s the patter and presentation that’ll persuade you to incorporate this immediately into your repertoire.

    Finally, A Gentleman’s Game is an amazing routine. I won’t go into detail of the effect, but I will say that when I first read the method I didn’t like it. I couldn’t frame the effect. A year on – hence, why I’m writing this review – I re-read the methodology and realised I misread it! It is possibly the best effect in the notes.

    What’s the moral of the story? Read slowly and read carefully and you’ll find some amazing items.

    Countdown to Game Changer?

  9. Craig L

    Jason does it again. Here’s another set of great card tricks. These are tricks that you’ll actually DO! My favorite is the hold ’em routine as it tells a great funny story. The cards are mixed and your mark thinks he’s a winner. A Gentleman’s game is a true worker. An absolutely BRILLIANT finish. I can’t wait to start performing these tricks. 5 stars all day!

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