Cash Grab (Lecture Notes)

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Jason’s latest set of lecture notes which include five high-impact card effects. 29 pages / Comb bound.

Royal Open

The performer demonstrates a card cheating exercise. From a thoroughly shuffled deck of cards, he deals himself the four Aces. The performer offers to repeat the exercise with more challenging conditions: He’ll deal a stronger hand than the Aces to any position the spectator chooses. Not only does the performer achieve this, he reveals that he’s also stacked all four royal flushes.

Aces Rolled Up

The performer shuffles and cuts the deck. The deck is cut into four packets and the four Aces are found on top of each packet.

Switch Hitter

The performer visually demonstrates his ability to switch cards to win at a game of blackjack.

Cash Grab

The performer deals the cards into several piles and bets $100 that the spectator can pick the pile that contains a previously selected card. In a desperate attempt to avoid losing, the performer keeps changing the conditions of the bet. In the end, the performer makes another $100 wager that seems impossible to win—and yet he still wins and somehow finds the selection.

Collector’s Piece

Three selections appear between the Aces in a deck of cards held by the spectator.

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11 reviews for Cash Grab (Lecture Notes)

  1. Alex Csurko

    Jason Ladanye’s new set of lecture notes prove that his ability to reinvent old plots and create new ones continues at a high level.

    Having been fortunate to see an advanced copy of this publication, I can tell you the methods are simplistically intricate, and the effects clear, both combining to create incredible audience reactions. Producing four Aces, stacking royal flushes, switching cards, locating a selection under impossible conditions, or finding three of them without ever touching the deck: each routine in “Cash Grab” will illustrate to the audience that you are a master with a deck of cards.

    Interestingly, given that “Top Shelf Notes”, “Overpowered”, and “Cons for the Distinguished Gentleman” included one or more, these new notes do not contain faro shuffle work; therefore, every effect can be accomplished by all.

    Furthermore, with the exception of one, every routine can be performed with a borrowed deck (well, three are definitely impromptu; you’ll see what I mean about the fourth when you buy the notes!)

    In comparison to his books – “Confident Deceptions” and “Game Changer” – Jason Ladanye’s lecture notes on first read could appear unfinished. It is true that certain routines, such as “Ladanye’s Ultimate Triumph”, “Catch Me If You Can”, and “Nick of Time”, to name a few, contained added nuances or altered handling when published in “Game Changer”. With previous lecture notes I made the mistake of misreading and misjudging effects – damn you “A Gentleman’s Game”! Think about the routines; if you own and have read Darwin Ortiz’ “Designing Miracles”, look at the Temporal and Spatial Distance, the Conceptual Barriers, etc, and you’ll see just how perfect these routines are. Yes, perfect.

    If I was to rate, I’d say my favourite routine is “Collector’s Piece” – it hits hard and allows you to set up routines way in advance (I’ll say no more). Then, “Royal Open” – more for the justification of the climax. And finally, “Cash Grab”, “Aces Rolled Up”, and “Switch Hitter”. But this is no way means any routine is worse than another; I love them all – I’m such a fan that I love all 51 of Jason’s routines – but “Collector’s Piece” and “Royal Open” are very special, in my opinion, and you’ll be surprised at the ingenuity behind them.

    Lecture Notes in general – 11/10

  2. Peter

    Royal Open and the Collector’s effect are worth the cost of the notes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all great….. but those two are freakin’ BRILLIANT. Thanks for the new tricks Jason. Keep it up!

  3. Brian

    I remember he did Cash Grab at a lecture years ago and I was fooled badly. That’s why I bought the notes just for that one. From a shuffled deck, the card was picked and lost with no funny stuff. Not only were the bets funny but there was no way he was going to find that card! Then he killed the whole room. Great stuff and the secret is diabolical.

  4. Paul Kennedy

    5 stars. Royal Open is pure genius. You have a really strong opener with you ready to go at anytime. Cash Grab is so simple, but so effective. The 4 Ace production is easy and looks great. The collectors plot is my favorite. You could close your show with this one. The BJ effect is a great on for walk-around. All well written with the same quality as his books. Thanks Jason for another great read. I’ll definitely be performing all of these.

  5. Derek Williams

    More great magic. No hesitation, I bought these notes and as usual, 5 killer routines.

  6. Jim Beal

    Excellent and well thought out material. Royal Open is simply fantastic. What more can you want from an opening effect? All great material, all within reach of anyone that’s been into card magic and knows just the basics. Great work!

  7. Jake Shaw

    Great notes! Very well written. I was surprised to see how easy some of the routines were. The $100 bill one is completely self working and I’m definitely looking forward to starting to perform that one.

  8. John R.

    What’s frustrating is why I didn’t think of all this stuff first! Jason revamped some old plots like Collector’s Piece. (What a gem.) But he has new ideas like Cash Grab and Royal Flush. Don’t miss out on these notes. Quality stuff from Mr. Ladanye.

  9. Tom Davis

    5 stars–easy! These are great tricks that you’ll actually use.

  10. Ryan

    These are his best notes in my opinion. Absolutely awesome thinking and more killer card magic like his last two books.

  11. Harry

    I saw Royal Open on YouTube and this was an instant buy. If you like strong magic that’s well constructed, practical and plays—-ladaynes material is for you. 5 stars, easy.

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