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Jason Ladanye performs LIVE in London. Learn six of his strongest routines that are straight from his theater show. Ninety minutes of performances and explanations.

Plus, see Jason’s amazing Magic Castle performance (performance only) that includes a special audio commentary discussing the theory behind the set.

  1. Nick of Time: A race against the clock to find eight cards in sixty seconds—with money on the line! You win every time in a clever and amazing way.

  2. Ladanye’s ACAAN: Look like a mathematical genius that effortlessly tracks playing cards. Then finish with the classic ACAAN plot. No one will want to play cards with you after seeing this.

  3. The Big Stack: Stack the four Queens, the four Kings, and the four Aces in just two shuffles.

  4. Catch Me if You Can: Here are a few simple prop bets that the spectators just can’t win no matter how easy you make it. A hilarious and interactive routine that plays big for any sized audience.

  5. Ladanye’s Triumph: In Ladanye’s version, you really do mix faces into backs and you really do shuffle the cards. And, you still find four freely selected cards.

  6. Liar Liar: Here’s a hard-hitting closer that will bring the house down. The audience sees a mixed order and true shuffles right until the end when you’re left with a deck in perfect new-deck order.

Over 2 hours of material.

Shot live on location in London.

5 reviews for LADANYE – Live in London

  1. Alex Sprackling

    Even though I’m already familiar with the routines Jason shares in this lecture, I’ve still gained so much insight into the psychology and structure of the magic. Plus, it’s always nice to see them being performed and to witness the audiences reaction to key moments. I’ve said before that the audio commentary on his Magic Castle set is invaluable and I would recommend it to any serious student solely for that!

    I hope I’m in the audience for Live in London 2.0

  2. Charles Clayton (verified owner)

    A ton of powerful effects here. Only one trick is out of my reach. Really no fancy sleights to learn, and sometimes Jason offers alternatives. You won’t regret buying this.

  3. Nehemiah Coleman

    I really enjoyed this download lecture, jason is one of the best in the world for a reason. I highly recommend this to any card magician.

  4. Fabrizio Bottino (verified owner)

    Despite knowing the routines I wanted to buy the video. For me I never get tired of seeing Jason at work in a live session. The routines are exceptional from both a technical and a presentative point of view.

  5. Jeremy Griffith (verified owner)

    Honestly, this is Jason in top form. The humor, the technique, the sheer fun. Thats probably the best part about this, you get to see the material within the context of the personality that created it. Yes, brilliant and well thought out routines. Yes, technique. But watching Jason perform the material at a live event reminds you how to have fun with all of this too! Perfect.

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