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A one-on-one lesson with Jason Ladanye. Price is for a one-hour time slot, to be scheduled after purchase, at your convenience and the availability of Jason Ladanye. Once you make your purchase, Jason will contact you to setup a mutually convenient time. The lesson content is up to you. Whether you are a beginner or advanced card worker, Jason can help you with sleights, misdirection, spectator management, building an effect, building an act, character development, more efficient practice and/or rehearsal sessions, dealing with hecklers, booking gigs, etc., etc. Book your lesson today!

LESSON POLICY: If you book a lesson and no show, you’ll be charged full price with no refunds. Maximum order for lessons is five sessions. Lessons will expire one month after purchase. If you buy three lessons, all three must be used within three months of purchase date. There are no refunds on expired lessons.


33 reviews for Zoom Card Magic Lessons

  1. Grzegorz

    I’m working with Jason over half hear. And trust me – those lessons are priceless. Currently I’m able to do stuff that I was only dreaming about. Jason is a great teacher – he was able to show me all my problems and gave me advice how to get rid of them and how to improve my skills. But you need to be aware of one thing – Jason is not a miracle worker – he can show you a direction, but you need to put a lot of hard work and practice a lot. If you’re ready to do this then do not hesitate. Trust me – it’s worth it.

  2. Jerry Danes

    I have had one 2 hour session so far with Jason Ladanye and it was really good, and I learnt a ton of good stuff. Not just technically matters but also other very important topics, such as performance style, patter and the list goes on. I will definitely have more in the future. I am a big fan of Darwin Ortiz and since Jason is a former student of Mr. Ortiz it was an easy choice for me, I simply want to learn from the best. And Jason is the best!!!

  3. Jaroslav Gray

    I’m just after one hour with Jason. I though that i know a lot about the topic of my lesson but after short 60 minutes my world changed forever. Jason’s knowledge is huge and he knows what he’s talking about. My notepad is filled with golden tips and I have a lot to do for the next two months. I’m very happy that there’s a possibility to learn from the best and everyone should think about taking Skype Lessons. That’s all from me, I am going to practice tonight… all night.

  4. Randy Naviaux

    Just had the first of what I hope to be many lessons with Mr. Ladanye. Eye opening to say the least. Right off I realized I didn’t know the fundamentals of what makes an effect strong or weak and we proceeded to dissect just that for the length of the lesson. All towards the goal of creating stronger set lists.

    In terms of money versus time this was an inexpensive investment. I have been “doing” magic for forty years but have made it my New Year’s resolution to get serious and put some real polish on my performances. This lesson has saved me a lot of time in trial and error. My audiences will benefit as well which is really the only point of all this.

    Highly recommended to anyone wanting accelerate their progress.

  5. Dave Dworak

    Straight up and honest! That’s how I would describe my Skype lesson with Jason. Jason made it feel like we were two good friends BSing about magic. He has a very laid back approach using his personal experiences to put things into perspective, which worked very well for me. Jason spent well over the 30 minutes we had (more like 45) giving advice and helping me polish up my magic routines to give them more of a punch. Towards the end he talked about what he does during walk around shows; which, for me, was some of the best advice I have ever received. He didn’t even have to do that either as we were already past our 30 minutes. It is amazing how much one can learn from just 45 minutes with a world renowned card magician. Thanks, Jason!!

  6. Sean

    As you would expect, Jason’s teaching is informative and engaging. He is very detail oriented and provides a lot of deep insight on performance and technique. His effects illustrate his fresh take on classics and he openly shares “gems” he has picked up through years of front line experience. He really works to address your specific concerns – his lessons are well worth the investment.

  7. Sune Alexandersen Narud

    I had a great one-hour session with Jason. I got exactly what I wanted – an open discussion on different training methods and how to get more performance time when not being able to do a lot of gigs (I’m a father to three small children).

    Jason England talks about seeking horizontal knowledge meaning that you find ONE person and ask ONE person for advice. This is what I did with Ladanye. I asked him some key questions and I will follow HIS advice instead of muddy the waters by following a hundreds of magicians or lectureres advice.
    Because, let’s face it.. There is no shortage of willing advice-givers these days!

    Great job Jason! Can’t wait to talk to you again!

    PS: Even though Jason L is a hard-core card handler he can tell the difference between what NEEDS to be done and what is “icing on the cake”.

  8. John

    Jason is one of the best at card magic. That’s why I chose to learn from him, he definitely knows his stuff. Skype lesson was amazing, he’s very friendly and wants to help you. You can ask him what ever questions you want and he’ll answer them. I highly recommend his lessons, if you want advice and to improve your card magic.

  9. Michael Friedland

    After 30 years in magic, I decided to take a formal lesson with Jason. My reason was very simply: he’s one of very few people in the world capable of doing some of the real work at that level. What I got from the lesson was what I was looking for–a person with great analytical skills focused on his craft, able to translate years of practice into words of wisdom.

    If you are looking to do what Jason does, there is no substitute for putting in the time. But Jason will save you time by giving you the best practice techniques possible, and that’s worth a lot.

  10. Joshua Gally

    I just had my first lesson with Jason last week, and I have to say I’m still digesting all the invaluable tips and advice he gave me. The key words to describe the lesson with Jason would be: “practical details.” He gave me advice on what I was doing wrong, in terms of technical and performance details, that will stay with my magic forever. How can you even put a price on that? If you’re a magician reading this, than I’m sure you’ve invested in books, dvds, downloads and tricks that you’ve glanced over and shrugged your shoulders at, setting them aside to look them over at a later time. This is not the case with Jason. He gives you all he has to make your magic high impact… right away! With that said, you have to be ready to put the work in to raise your level with your magic. It’s not just some magical pill you can take to give you magic powers. But, if you have put a lot of time, thought and energy in to learning card magic… I would say you need at least one lesson with Jason. It will be a worthwhile investment in yourself and your magic. I have already taken some of his advice and seen my magic reach a higher plateau than it was on just a week ago. His talent, skills and experience are so rare in magic that I think his lessons are invaluable gems to power up your magic and set you apart from your competition. Just do yourself a favor and try a lesson, you won’t regret it!

  11. Malcolm Hickson

    When I decided to really knuckle down and study false dealing I wanted to learn from the best. I’ve had two lessons with Jason now and couldn’t have wished for a better teacher. Jason has a style of teaching that would put the most nervous of students at total ease, it’s just like hanging out with a pal.
    His attention to detail is phenomenal and his tips and advice are endless. He spots your problems and gives you the solution, it’s your job to put it into practice. If you want to be a better performer or learn knuckle busting sleights or routines you can’t go wrong booking a lesson with Jason.

  12. Tom

    Had my first lesson with Jason and it won’t be my last. He knew every nuance of the move in the minutest detail and his eyes didn’t miss a thing. Jason was patient and a great teacher not loading you down with too much, but enough to give you a good challenge to keep you busy. Definitely a good investment to take some lessons from Jason.

  13. Jon Lewis

    Jason’s passion and energy for magic was the exact boost I needed in helping me to pursue a career in this industry! He has incredibly crafted lessons that were customized for my level of entertainment while encourage to press on to the next level as well.

    Thank you Jason for taking the time to share with me your expertise and I look forward to continued studies as well!

  14. Harry Zimmerman

    After meeting Jason almost a year ago and seeing him dazzle a room full of experience card magicians, I just had my first Skype lesson with him.

    I’ve been working with cards for over 30 years, yet he immediately had tips I have never heard before.

    Most of the lesson focussed on the business side of Close-Up Magic, e.g. Getting a restaurant residency, culling new clients, pricing and negotiating.

    His answers to my specific questions were very enlightening and flowing with the most generous spirit.

    The information was exactly what I needed to move forward and in the right direction with my Magic.

    Can’t wait to put all the information into action. Can’t wait for the next lesson. Extremely valuable stuff!

    If you’re thinking about learning, improving, or getting paid to perform Card Magic, I highly recommend you ask Jason to deal you in!

  15. David W

    I’ve been working with Jason since about 2012 and have done lessons in person and in skype. Jason has transformed my card magic from Uncle Joe who knows a few card tricks to a real student of the art. Jason has given me the tools you need to look at an effect, dissect it, learn it and perfect it – and even to create your own effects. Sure he can teach you some card tricks if thats your goal, but more importantly, you will leave his lessons with a skill set that will take your card magic to new levels.

  16. Ryan Malone

    Jason is a real down to earth guy. He is professional and a nice guy. I had a Skype session with him. We went over character development and the why factor when performing an effect to laypeople. Also we went over does the effect, your character and the premise all make sense. Jason has many years experience and is more then happy to help anyone with anything.

  17. Braden Daniels

    Jason provided in depth answers to my questions and he was able to assess my technique and suggest several adjustments to improve my performance. If you really want to improve as a performer don’t hesitate any longer, skype Jason immediately!

  18. Carlos Sawyer

    I am still very pumped by my lesson with Jason! I got some real perspective on taking my magic to the next level. He got me to think about my character and how I approach my card magic. The touches on The Faro were invaluable!! The faro is something I’ve been struggling with but now it’s within my reach. I showed him an effect that I have been working on and he approached it from a completely different angle. He gave me some ideas that I am excited about and can’t wait to debut this particular effect in my next show!!

    I plan to have some more sessions with Jason. He is an important resource; he is honest and knows what works. There are many Professional Magicians and Cardmen, but Jason is in a different class altogether—his techniques are flawless. I just hope some of those skills rub off on me.

  19. Eric

    I must admit, I was skeptical at first about learning via Skype lessons. I’ve always thought magic should be taught “at the table.” Jason does a fantastic job breaking down everything involved with sleights and effects. Very detailed lessons and I got way more than I expected out of just 1 session. I’ll definitely be back for more.

  20. Tasha Van Dayne

    Jason is an excellent teacher and an incredible magician.

    I am very glad that I finally had the chance to sit down and talk with him and get a skype lesson. He gave me amazing tools to use to get more gigs. The knowledge that he has, is absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend anyone to talk to him if you are serious about doing anything with magic. I cannot wait for our next lesson.

    Jason has a way with the cards as well. I have never seen someone handle cards like I have Jason. He does everything with ease and makes it look very natural. I would recommend him to

  21. Mustafa (verified owner)

    I am following Jason for almost as long as I am doing magic. I was not sure if I wanted to have a lesson with Jason though, but when I said that to him, he pointed out something very important: there are no perfect conditions.
    So, I booked a lesson with him. I wanted to talk about two topics in particular, topics that I couldn’t quite get. Jason quickly sized me up and saw that even though my technical skills were decent, my main problem was performing for real people. Jason talks a lot!!! He is like a machine gun. He just drops so much information and a ton of examples that your brain overloads, but you get what he is saying. I got a few very important lessons from him, which I have heard before, but didn’t believe they applied to me or were of importance right now. He showed me that in 5 years even if I have the technical chops, I will still suck as a performer. He encouraged me to go outside of my comfort zone and do magic for laymen and not just practice alone in my room (there is nothing wrong with that, though, it’s just that you are not a magician IMO).
    I hope that I gather all my courage and get outside my comfort zone in the next few weeks and months.

    P.S. I was sleep-deprived and I was talking to one of my heroes, so I was a a nervous wreck, but he didn’t make me feel like one. He quickly got into the lesson and was patient.

  22. Ellis James

    Here’s why Jason is different than other magicians. He’s a performer. He isn’t just another guy with a deck of cards, he’s an actor. Magic is only part of the equation, and that’s what Jason and I talked about during my first (hopefully of many) session.

    I honestly recommend this to any and every magician who wants to take magic seriously. Jason won’t just give you valuable tips and lessons, but he’ll point you in the right direction and help you develop into a better magician.

  23. Ryan

    I can’t believe I got SO much information out of just 1 session with Jason. Informative and friendly. I just had a few basic things I needed help with and I felt like I was suddenly getting a college course in each sleight. I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot. Thanks!

  24. Paul S.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, after one lesson, that was AMAZING! Jason wasn’t intimidating. We spoke like 2 guys just sessioning together at a magic convention. He had me perform few things and then spelled out what I needed to improve and most importantly… HOW to practice. I’ll definitely be booking g more lessons on a regular basis. Thanks, Jason.

  25. Dave Griessmann

    I just finished my first Skype lesson with Jason Ladanye. In that fast hour we went though a couple tricks, a couple moves, discussed performance improvements and some theory.
    Well worth the time & can’t wait to set up the next one.

  26. David Lewis

    Worth every penny. I didn’t know what to expect because I’m not really a card guy. I reached out for help with booking gigs and jason did not disappoint. I have so many new tips and ideas to apply and changed my mindset on how to approach booking gigs. Thanks a MILLION! Definitely reach out to jason if you’re serious about getting more work.

  27. David B.

    I had my first session with Jason today. I saw his posts about helping with the business side of magic. He put me on a plan and I’m EXCITED to see the results. He’s tipping his secrets and it’s coming from a guy that does it FULL TIME. Will definitely be booking more sessions 2020 is my year!

  28. Peter

    The most I ever learned about card magic in one hour. My head is spinning! That was amazing and I’ll be booking more. Thanks J

  29. Mike Alvarez

    I love how Jason groups everything into phases. It keeps me focused during practice sessions. It stops me from getting overwhelmed and I’m seeing great results within just weeks.

  30. Aaron Duke

    These lessons are worth every penny. My head is spinning from ALL the content he packed into one hour. A game changer for sure. I’m ready to take all I’ve learned on my own and refocus on real goals. Plus, he really helped with some small technical differences that made a HUGE difference. Looking forward to the next session.

  31. Doug Walker

    I had NO idea what to expect. I was kind of lost with what I should be focusing on. There’s so much material out there. Jason first had me discuss my goals and he really focused on organizing everything I”m working on to help me get on the right path. I’m no working on building my own show to sell. Literally a week after our first session I had booked a gig using the methods Jason shared. I can’t believe it was that easy. If your trying to figure out how to take magic from a hobby to a money making venture, definitely hit Jason up, you won’t be disappointed.

  32. ryanmalone (verified owner)

    Well every time I have a lesson with Jason he leaves me with more and more inspiration and this lesson was no exception. We were discussing building an act (which is hard) but that’s were Jason’s experience comes in . As we were going through the set one of the effects that’s in the set was an estimation effect were you lift on off a number of cards named by the spectator using the sense of touch (Sleight of hand), Jason is playing along and say’s to me ‘name a number and I say 27’ Jason lifts a packet of the deck of cards and the count beings 1,2,3 and I’m thinking to myself no way is this guy for real then it hits me 25,26, and the last card 27 that was magic right there. Jason picked up exactly 27 cards. Jason also discussed adding progression to your act so you go from your opening effect to building more and more progression to your closing effect. Thanks Jason very the inspiration and advice.

  33. Duncan Shaw

    An absolutely brilliant lesson, he saw exactly what I was doing wrong and managed to fix them almost immediately. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and patient and a lesson with him is extremely valuable and worth every cent and more.

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