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Jason teaches 16 powerhouse effects in explicit detail. Some of the effects require minimal skill while others are for the advanced worker. The effects range from powerful and practical magic effects to entertaining gambling routines. Shot in stunning high-definition, this DVD set is a must-have for any serious card magician.

Details: 16 effects, bonus materials (including 2 performance-only effects), and 3 utility moves are included on the 4-volume set. Total length: 6 hours.

**Volume 1**

The Quick Change Artist
Here’s a great opener with lots of visual magic including multiple color changes followed by the four Aces turning into the four Jacks.

Precision Aces
Four Aces and three selections are lost in different places in the deck. After a few shuffles, the Aces trap all the selections.

The Big Blind
Here’s an amazing Texas Hold ‘Em demonstration. The performer divines the flop, turn, and river cards from a shuffled deck—and wins the hand with a powerful hand.

Bringing Down the House
It’s the strongest blackjack demonstration you’ll ever see. The performer deals four suited naturals from a deck shuffled by the audience.

**Volume 2**

Ladanye’s Ambitious Card
Every performer seems to have their own version of this effect. Ladanye’s version has a closer that brings the house down. One of the cleanest and strongest versions you’ll ever perform.

Arcane Control
The performer gives a stunning demonstration of how he can control cards during a shuffle.

The Player
This is a version of the torn and restored transposition made famous by David Williamson and David Blaine. Jason reworked the effect and gave it a killer presentation. This one is a real crowd pleaser.

Forging Ahead
Here’s one of the strongest signature transfers you’ll ever do. In Jason’s version of this classic plot, you transfer the initials from the face of one card to the face of another card. This effect will eviscerate your audience.

**Volume 3**

Lucky 50
A $50 bet is made that the performer can find a selection from a deck mixed by a spectator. The performer wins the bet and finds the card where no one suspects.

The Set-Up
The performer offers to teach a card trick to the audience. After the explanation they are left with an even greater mystery.

The Ultimate Exchange
The magician makes a card change places with another card that’s face up in the spectator’s hand!

Through and Through
The performer pushes a single playing card through the table. The effect is repeated. On his second attempt, the entire deck travels though the table—except for one card—the signed selection.

**Volume 4**

The Gathering
The performer finds three selections using four Aces in just one shuffle.

Thought Transference
The performer causes a card the spectator is thinking of to disappear from a packet of cards. The thought-of card reappears under the spectator’s hand.

The Big Stack
This is a gambling demo that will bring the house down. The performer shuffles the deck twice and deals himself the four Queens. His opponent has the four Kings. When the performer shows his hand again it’s turned into the four Aces.

Best for Last
The performer deals himself every poker hand from lowest to highest. This is a closer that you’ll add to your repertoire right away!


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9 reviews for Confident Deceptions 4-DVD Set

  1. Tom Duffy

    Before getting into the meat and potatoes (or more appropriately, the filet and risotto) of the effects and explanations, something must be said about the quality of these four DVDs.

    I am not usually a learn-from-video person; I stick with books. However, when it comes to a handful of people I know and respect, I do not hesitate when purchasing anything that is released. I know I am going to get, if not a top-notch produced DVD, at least very strong effects and explanations.

    Jason Ladanye’s Confident Deceptions DVDs encompass the high end — top shelf, as his latest lecture notes proclaim — of both of these things.

    The video production and picture quality is the best I’ve ever seen on a DVD set. Seriously. While, as mentioned above, I’m not a connoisseur of the magic DVD world, I do have experience with audio/video, and from that standpoint it’s just gorgeous. The detail in the close-up shots stunned me the first time I saw it.

    Now for those of us who are not as much on the “AV Club” side of things, the effects on all four discs are outstanding. The audience reactions are a mix of jumps, exclamations, and silence (which, as we all know, can sometimes be a better gauge of the strength of a routine than loud ululations).

    Each effect is taught in extreme detail leaving nothing unclear. I’d also like to urge you to listen to the comments about certain sleights that seem to be off-the-cuff; they contain some valuable information that will improve the move’s deceptiveness drastically.

    Another aspect I love is that the moves that are used in almost all of the effects are taught in a separate section of the DVD, thereby not cluttering the explanations each and every time, or causing the need to have to go back to a specific explanation and search through it for the description.

    Anybody who has Jason’s book or lecture notes knows his dedication to strong and workable card effects. However, sometimes for some of us, realizing the strength of effects on an audience does not come across in the written word. Seeing the reactions of a couple of effects from the book which I liked, but never really attempted to perform has turned me into a convert.

    All of the rambling above can really be summed up to a few words of opinion:

    Buy these DVDs whether you have the book or not. You’ll either come across some of the best card routines to come out in years, or you’ll have an incredible supplement to the book.

    In closing, whenever I travel I always carry specific magic books with me. Now I have to add Jason’s book AND his DVDs to take along on my adventures.

    I’m running out of room for clothes. Thanks Obama.

  2. Jerry Danes

    This 4-DVD set is outstanding and almost without comparison. I have always been a fan of Darwin Ortiz and the reason is that I believe he creates bulletproof effects mixed with technical skills that are super strong for lay audiences. Jason has the exact same way of thinking (and some brilliant ideas of his own) which makes his routines as close to perfect as they can possible be. I strongly suggest that you take time to learn the three utility moves absolutely perfect before you even start working on the tricks. It is not fair neither to Jason nor yourself if the tricks are done sloppy and with bad techniques. Find your own patter and practice the sleights. Then the routines will be a powerful and great.

    I already performed some of the tricks from the book Confident Deceptions. A nice added bonus for me was that I realized that I had overlooked some great material in it. Thanks to the DVDs I got to see them in actual performance and it really made me want to learn them. My favorite routines now are Forging Ahead, Lucky Fifty, The Set-Up, Thought Transference, and Best for Last.

    What the DVDs (and the book) also teaches you is what makes great magic great. Being a Darwin and a Jason fan, it has become second nature for me to see and recognize the strongest card magic out there. Ninety percent of all card magic I do is created by Darwin Ortiz or Jason Ladanye. The reason is that it is way better than the rest in all aspects. I conclude with the words of Tina Turner: “Simply the Best.”

    -Jerry Danes Stockholm Sweden

  3. Daren Rotherham

    I am a massive fan of Jason Ladanye’s work, I have his book Confident Deceptions and Top-Shelf Notes also, both are really top notch and contain absolute killer effects. When I heard Jason was coming out with a DVD set I was really pleased, everything is brilliantly shot and the routines from the above mentioned book are performed to spectators seated at a table, you can see how these effects are actually supposed to look, which makes it a breeze to learn and perform. Jason is a superb performer and I mean superb!!!! The effects are brilliant, just watch the reactions from the spectators to see how well they play, these effects are also so well explained, nothing is rushed, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the methods behind these great effects, you will be missing out big time if you do not purchase this DVD set, very highly recommended.

  4. Pascal El-Hakim

    I would like to keep this short and simple—the Confident Deceptions DVD is KILLER! This is the real work. Jason studied under the best (Darwin Ortiz). What Jason can do with a deck of cards is beyond amazing.

    I’ve always believed a magician is someone that can do magic at any given moment, anywhere, any time. All you need is a deck of cards in this case. Some of the sleights are difficult to learn, but they’re simply the best. It’s worth every minute you spend practicing each sleight and effect.

    Ladanye explains in details every sleight/effect, and teaches you all you need to know. This DVD is worth it. Some other performers just release tricks just for the sake of making money or trying to get famous. That material is usually pretty weak. Having said that, Jason’s DVD’s made my magic STRONG, BULLETPROOF, and the REACTIONS I’m getting are beyond describable.

    Enjoy Jason’s amazing closer, “Best For Last.” It’s a poker player’s dream. And I’m pretty sure you’ll be watching the bloopers at least 10 times… all the thanks to President Obama!

  5. Cristian

    “I had the pleasure to discover Jason’s work about 1 year ago, i followed it silently for some time cause we kind of shared the same passion for card deceptions. His CONfident deceptions dvd set are top notch production quality ,and contain some awesome routines, not for the beginners but more for the advanced card workers out there. Do yourself a favor and get them! “

  6. William Hart

    Do you know that feeling when you open up a brand new deck of cards? That anything is possible with that deck of cards in your hands. With Confident Deceptions anything is possible.

    First, you will not learn this overnight. Second, learn the fundamentals of card control. Third, watch this 4 DVD set.

    Ladanye Ambitious Card, Lucky 50, and The Ultimate Exchange would be a great start to finish any card routine. He teaches you how to perform your entire repertoire with the single deck. You’ll need a few dirty tricks, i.e. envelopes, and whatevers.

    Let’s be honest, gimmicks are nice. Would you rather be a card mechanic instead.
    How did it feel, when you straddle your first motorcycle? You wanted to ride. You took lessons, got your license, and got your bike. Then you hit the open road.
    Confident Deception is the lesson you need to hit the open road.

    Bill Hart
    Manufacturing Lead @ Murphy’s Magic Supplies

  7. Gary

    When you watch Jason you know your watching the best. If you want to be the best these DVD’s are for you. Learn what, how, and why he is the best.
    Each DVD has at least 4 quality routines and a detailed explanation on the pinky count, cull, and false shuffle that he uses in about every routine. I know how to cull, like my false shuffle, and thought the pinky count was too hard to bother with. After watching Jason I found it’s not only easier than I thought but far more practical.
    Usually you’re happy to get one good routine from a DVD. I’ve already added a set.

  8. Gary S.

    Worth every penny. Period. Not only great effects but insights into theory and the sleights used in the effects. He covers all the beats and the timing needed during the presentation. Really solid hard hitting material here. Thanks Jason!

  9. Tom Reyes (verified owner)

    So much information in addition to the great card tricks. I really felt like I was learning more than just ‘how to do the trick.’ Jason gives tons of insights that are worth their weight in gold.

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