I’d like to congratulate Ludwig Van Dawson from Canada for winning my contest last month. He won a free set of my latest publication, “Top-Shelf Notes.” Stay tuned to my Facebook page for another chance to win these notes.

This month has been busy. On April 3rd I recorded the complete Confident Deceptions DVD set. This will be the performance of all 18 effects from the book and the explanations. It was quite the shoot. We filmed from 10:00am to 11:30pm. The final product will be amazing though. All of the best people in the area came together to make this project work. Editing has begun this week. Stay tuned to this blog for screen shots, bloopers, and updates.

If you’re wondering when the release will be, I’m assuming a few months. The production team is still designing covers, working on DVD navigation and of course there’s DVD duplication. The 3-DVD set will be available ONLY on my website for a limited time. Then it will be released to all the magic distributors. I’ll keep everyone updated on the exact release date as soon as I know.

Also coming up are a few really fun gigs. The warm weather is back so corporate parties and wedding gigs are back. This weekend I’ll be doing a formal set right here in Albany, NY. In the beginning of May I’ll be traveling to Washington DC to perform another show. I’ll be sharing the stage with Mike Vincent and Darwin Ortiz. You really have to be on your game to keep up with these two. I’m rehearsing for the next two weeks straight. I’ll be performing a few effects from Confident Deceptions and a few effects from my new notes, “Top-Shelf Notes.”

And finally, here’s a reminder of upcoming contests. I have bricks of decks, practice mirrors, close-up mats, books, notes, and all sorts of great things to give away. Please subscribe to my mailing list so you don’t miss out.

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