First, I’d like to congratulate Nate Green for winning my latest contest. Enjoy your FREE set of notes Nate! There will be contests each month. Stay tuned to all my social media and join my mailing list so you don’t miss a thing.

Here’s an update on the Confident Deceptions DVD set. We are shooting B-roll and an introduction and some utility moves later today. I’ll be teaching the spread cull, pinky count and a false shuffle. (They are taught separately from the effects to help speed up the explanations. I’ve noticed that lots of magicians ask for tips on the pinky count. It seems like there’s not that many places you can learn the move. I wanted to add specifically this move to my DVD. Titles, DVD navigation, and artwork will all be done in a few weeks. After that, it’s straight to duplication. This DVD will be available soon!

In other news, I’ve had some very positive reviews of my lecture notes lately. Here are a few:

“With his brilliant debut, Confident Deceptions, Jason Ladanye has showed us how strong magic should look like. Now he’s back with new release, lecture notes “Top-Shelf Notes”. Mentioned release contains five strong and commercial effects that will convince anyone that you can do everything with cards. If you have Confident Deceptions you already know what to expect – top-shelf quality magic. To make a long story short – buy Top-Shelf Notes – it’s a must have!” –Grzegorz Niczyporuk

“Just like a high-end scotch, Top-Shelf Notes delivers on every aspect. Game Changer starts as a friendly betting scenario with a finish the audience will never see coming. Lucky Charms is a routine of beauty, it’s method subtly layered leading up to a reveal that can only be concluded as being impossible. Nick of Time quite literally will keep people on the edge of their seats throughout the entire performance, while Standing Out provides a very visual “magician-in-trouble” effect. A Numbers Game (Jason’s version of A.C.A.A.N.) is not another of the dozens of takes on this theme; it is a three phase, truly top-shelf alternative take which will leave the audience either speechless or talking about it all night.

Just like his debut book, Confident Deceptions, Top-Shelf Notes is, from start to finish, full of amazing, deceiving, and shocking routines that can be performed in any situation. For him to sell such high end content at this low of a price makes these notes a steal.” –Tom Duffy

And also, I’m honored to have my book, Confident Deceptions, reviewed by Linking Ring Magazine. Here it is:

“Jason Ladanye is a student of Darwin Ortiz of over 11 years and his skill, patter, and smooth execution are very apparent in this big 239 page hardbound book and accompanying DVD in his debut presentation. Ladanye’s book presents 18 routines with a DVD providing a sample of five of Jason’s routines, performed for a live audience, mixing some terrific magic with some awesome gambling routines that display his excellent, smooth skills with the paste-boards as well as his entertaining patter.  He is quite polished for his age.

There are many effects that require a little bit of set-up, and some with a full deck set-up – but the outcomes are more than substantial!  The range of included effects is quite large and can be performed in a number of venues. I think that the student of card magic, all the way to the performing professional, will all find many nice items to choose from in this book and he or she will learn many nice sleights, misdirections, and subtleties that one can apply to his or her own routines.  This book and DVD also provides the reader with “spectator control” that is so important.

Forging Ahead is a very nice effect for close-up performance or even table-hopping.  Jason uses a very well-known artifice of magic and applies it in an ingenious way that will leave the spectators’ mouths wide open – and it’s easy to do! Best For Last is a masterpiece of gambling entertainment.  The revelations keep mounting and mounting to the point where it just doesn’t seem possible!  This one will require considerable practice to master…but it is well worth it! Darwin Ortiz’s influence is apparent in Jason’s patter and presentations, but he has managed to create his own persona and will become a future master in his genre, I am quite sure.  He has obviously worked very hard to produce very smoothly flowing patter, excellent “chops” and he includes his spectators nicely within his presentations.

Jason has much to offer students of performance and sets a very nice example in this excellent debut!  I have a feeling that you are going to be seeing a lot more of this proficient young man!  He is THAT good!

Highly Recommended!” -Paul A. Lelekis Linking Ring Magazine


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