Welcome to my blog. This is my first entry, but there will be many more. My latest news is this beautiful new website. This new website will allow for much more interaction with fans. I’ll be happy to answer questions you may have about magic or any of my effects from my book, Confident Deceptions. One of my reasons for rebuilding my site was to make things more interactive.

I’ll use this platform to keep everyone updated on what I’m doing as well as other things. I’ll keep you informed about new releases such as my new set of lecture notes titled, Top-Shelf Notes. I’ll keep you updated about my first DVD release. The Confident Deceptions DVD set is right around the corner. Filming starts on April 3, 2015. I’ll also list my lecture tour dates. In 2015 I’ll be lecturing at all of the same places I did last year. This time I’ll be talking about new material form Top-Shelf Notes. Look for me in NYC, Peabody, MA, Washington DC, Philly, PA, and other TBA cities. If you’d like me to lecture at your local meeting, feel free to contact me at: Jason@www.cardmagicbyjason.com

I’ll also use this blog to discuss my thoughts on magic. I’ll write about topics such as tips on practicing, my favorite card magic books, new effect ideas, essays about magic theory, creativity, hecklers, performance tips, and much more. If you’re serious about improving your magic, stay tuned to this site. I’m happy to share my approach to magic.

Also, I’ll use this blog to keep you updated on contests and giveaways. Last year I gave away 6 copies of Confident Deceptions for free. This year I’ll be giving away more books, sets of lecture notes, Skype lessons, and of course, free copies of the new Confident Deceptions DVD set as soon as it’s available. In addition to giving away my material, I’ll also be giving away prizes like decks (even bricks!) of my favorite playing cards, practice mirrors, close-up mats, and more! (Yes, I’ll be giving away the good stuff—the exact same cards and close-up mats I use!) Add yourself to my email list and you won’t miss out on any of these free giveaways.

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