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Game Changer is a sensational collection of magic and gambling effects with cards. This book picks up right where his critically-acclaimed debut Confident Deceptions left off. Jason has once again raised the bar with 18 new, powerful effects, gorgeously illustrated with 225 stunning high-quality, full-color photographs.

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14 reviews for Game Changer

  1. Daniel Roy

    I’ve seen Jason perform live a number of times, so I can tell you first hand how strong the reactions to these routines are.

    Jason’s second book, somehow, exceeds his first in every way. Incredibly well thought-out effects, strong premises, creative new plots, and cohesive thinking all come together to create routines that can go into your repertoire right now.

    Many of these effects will require some practice, but it’ll be well worth your time to learn the sleights required, many of which are explained in full detail with gorgeous color photos. If you want to improve your card magic, this book is for you. Highly recommended.

  2. Jeff Ashkettle

    Coming off the heels of his first hit book from 2013 entitled “Confident Deceptions”, comes a continuation of the wonderfully creative card magic you have come to expect from Jason Ladanye as well as the Vanishing Inc Team (who also produced Confident Deceptions). The newest offering is “Game Changer” and the title is on par with the material offered within the covers of this new book. Clocking in at 350 glossy pages sprinkled with 225 full color, high def photos so you can follow along with the well written descriptions. This book, although only 111 pages longer than his first, is almost twice as thick but the same height and width so they will look great beside each other on your bookshelf.

    Each contain 18 effects. “Game Changer” is split up in two sections. Section 1 is Magic Effects, of which there are 8 and section 2 is Gambling Effects, of which there are 10. The Forward is written by Michael Vincent who calls Jason’s work “sensational” and likens the quality of this book to “Lessons in Card Mastery” by Darwin Ortiz (Incidentally, If you do not know about Jason, he was one of Darwin’s best students while growing up and taking lessons from the Master Card Magician) so this compliment really is not a stretch.

    “Game Changer” starts with a fairly in depth look at the “pinky count” which is one of his most used sleights (although you can do any of the effects in either book without, you can just replace with your favorite method). I will note that I NEVER was able to do a successful pinky count before reading his description in “Confident Deceptions” and now I can hit it more than 75% of the time. This description in “Game Changer” goes even deeper and adds photos to help. I am certain I will get it down soon). Later in the description of “Lucky Charms” he goes into a detailed explanation of the MCF too. In fact, all but the simplest sleights are taught and any that were not greatly detailed are referenced in common books like the “Card College” series. Which leads to the Question – Who is this book written for? Well, there is actually something in it for all skill levels. (He goes over this on a short Podcast he recently did about the book on the Vanishing Inc site). Take 26 minutes to listen for yourself, also, don’t forget to check out Jason’s blog which is full of great thought provoking posts.

    Jason does not put any material in either book just for the sake of filling it up. Every effect is tested over years in front of lay-audiences and have been honed in every detail. If it does not meet his high standards, it doesn’t make it to the book. Each effect is broken down into sections such as “Effect” – a brief description, “Set Up” – What needs done to start, “Method” – Very detailed with full color high def photos to help the reader understand fully, then a highlighted in silver/grey “Patter” section taking you thru the whole effect and finally “Comments” about the routine and it’s nuances and “Credits” for ideas and sleights plus where to find many in print if you wist to explore it further.

    Each routine is written in what I would call a “conversational” approach. While reading, it feels like he is telling you directly (and one on one) the workings rather than the standard “Textbook” feel that many magic books seem to have. Even if a particular effect is not one that would make it into “your particular act” there is still a lot there to learn that will help you in other aspects of your magic. The book finishes with a page and 3/4 of “Acknowledgements” to those who helped and inspired him.

    Lover of great card magic that I am, “Confident Deceptions” rose quickly on my favorites list. “Game Changer” will certainly do the same after this first reading. Cannot recommend it enough.

    Grab your Copy for only $60.00 You will be glad you did.

  3. Nick Altieri

    Jason Ladanye did it again…”Game Changer” this book is an instant classic! With over 8 years in the making this book is flawless. He pulls out all the stops let me start by saying the quality Is by far the best I’ve seen. The instruction’s for 18 incredible and astonishing card tricks are crystal clear. The photography is out standing and the attention to detail is perfect. Everything about this book is remarkable you can tell he put a lot of work on making this book not only a go to but a must have for any Card Magician or fan. Jason is extremely thoughtful of the importance to learn the right way and with ease. This Book is the epitome of what great card magic books should model themselves after. So please I urge you to grab a copy I promise you won’t be disappointed and I know you will be blown away the very second this hits your hands! “It’s a Game Changer”

  4. James Douglas

    With over 30 years in magic now I am fairly critical of most new books and even more selective in what I actually purchase. I have found over the years that there are just a handful of authors (Ortiz, Lavand, Wonder, Giobbi, Tamariz…) whom I trust. With Jason Ladanye’s second book he is now also joining this list.

    Jason maintains a very active social media presence and so through his website or youtube videos you can quickly gain an appreciation of whether his style of magic speaks to you.

    However – even if you aren’t passionate about card magic I believe the book has something to offer. Jason writes with clarity and is a very methodical educator. He seems to genuinely want to give away the ‘real work’ of his professional routines and cares about teaching them properly.

    I would strongly recommend this book to the magical fraternity not only because Jason is an excellent technician, performer and constructor of effects but more importantly because he is a great teacher – his thoughts will hopefully inspire your own development even if you never perform one of the effects in the book.

  5. Jerry Danes

    Jason´s new book is truly great. I wouldn’t be surprised if it will be considered a modern masterpiece. If you thought that Confident Deceptions was good, you’ll think this book is even better. It follows the same thinking as the former book: extraordinarily strong magic and gambling effects with ultra-smart constructions. One thing that I think is worth mentioning is the fact that Jason always test drives his material many times for a live audience. He never rushes to publish new material just because. I will end this review by repeating what I wrote about Confident Deceptions: Do yourself a favor and really master all sleights needed to perform the effects. I am sure everyone that purchases the book will find many items that will go straight into their repertoire!

  6. Patrick James

    Anybody who is serious about strong card magic NEEDS this book. Jason has truly outdone himself with this latest work. Hat’s off to you, Jason. This book is truly an inspiration to all up and comers in sophisticated magic.

  7. Tyler

    I first found Jason on youtube, he was performing effects from Darwin Ortiz like 4 to 1. I thought “man this guy is really good” I went to his channel and started watching other uploads he had like “Quick Change Artist”, “The Big Stack”, and “Best for Last”. These are all effects from Jason’s first book Confident Deceptions. I was so impressed by these videos I knew I had to get that book no question (The first time I saw Best for Last I was at a loss for words and completely baffled at how someone could possibly be that skilled with a pack of cards). That book brought my card magic to a new level, I remember not being able to do anything in the book because I only did card magic for about a month and got frustrated, but after a few weeks of work I could do the first few tricks. Confident Deceptions was the absolute best book I ever read. So when I head about Game Changer coming out I had to get the book no question. A lot of the effects in this book are my absolute favorite effects in magic, effects like “Game Changer” (I get people scream and jump from this one), “Ladayne ACAAN” ( an absolutely amazing ACAAN, the method is great but the presentation is what makes this trick astounding), “Catch me if you Can” is a great take on a card to wallet, it is now my favorite version of the effect), “Lucky Charms” (this effect itself is worth the price of the book, it is inspired from Dream Card but it is just my favorite to close out a show, this trick gives me the best reactions out of any effect I have ever performed). If you are serious about card magic I highly recommend both of Jason’s books, you not only learn amazing tricks, but Jason also gives you all the patter he uses which is brilliantly scripted. This gives you a great starting point for your patter so you can edit it to suit your style or character.

  8. Jim Munsey

    I have read more than my fair share of magic books over the years (particularly card magic books), and I can honestly say that Game Changer is undisputedly at the top of the list. This is hard-hitting magic like no other. Ladanye’s attention to detail is second-to-none, and it is a wonderful feeling to understand the thought process that he puts into creating each routine. Not only does he explain what he does and how he does it, but he explain WHY he does it. He leaves no stone unturned, and the effects are impossible for your spectators to backwards engineer.

    More generally, the book looks and FEELS like a masterpiece. The pages are thick and glossy, and the photos are the best I’ve seen in ANY magic book. Ladanye follows the format he used in Confident Deceptions. After each routine is thoroughly explained, he provides his uninterrupted patter, and you can see the routine playing out in your mind’s eye as you read the script.

    Game Changer is a top shelf masterpiece that will be hard for anybody to top. Ladanye has set a new bar for all of us.

  9. Phil Hoffman

    “Game Changer” lives up to the hype and exceeds it. Game Changer ushers in a new and fresh era of close up card magic. While paying homage to classic plot and style, Ladanye provides new stories and avenues for classic sleights to be utilized. Whether you are looking for clever magic, or sophisticated gambling demonstrations, you will find it here.

  10. Grzegorz Niczyporuk

    Maybe it is not the most important thing to start with but this book look and feel is simply amazing. Reading this book is a pleasure itself.

    I work with Jason for almost 5 years. We’ve spent countless hours on Skype, some time on live sessions, I saw every single video on YT, saw him performing live… I was thinking that he couldn’t surprise me at all.
    Well, I was wrong. Jason’s new book is real amazement for me. All the effects in this book are a well thought-off, balanced effects with a strong premise, creative plots and amazing endings.
    You can fell it straight away that this material is put through thorough audience testing. There are no fillers, only good quality magic.

    With his first book, Confident Deceptions, Jason set the bar really high. Game Changer exceeds his first in every way. If you want to perform strong card magic which your audience will remember forever then you have to buy this book. It’s a modern classic. 100% recommended. With those effects, cards won’t be boring to your audience at all!

  11. Fabrizio Bottino

    I thought that publishing a book and really having something to add to a world, perhaps the most complete of card magic would have been difficult.

    Difficult but not impossible because Jason Ladanye with his Game Changer has confirmed that it can. The book is fantastic both in its editorial and in its content, reading and learning are facilitated with plural photographs that portray the salient points of the effects a truly remarkable editorial commitment.

    Fabrizio Bottino

  12. John W.

    It doesn’t get better than this. Bad ass card tricks that Jason has worked out all the beats. Each trick has tons of small lessons within. One of the best books on card magic I’ve ever read. period.

  13. Roy

    Absolutely a fantastic book on card magic. I can’t do all of it, There’s 2-3 really advanced routines in here. But, the rest of it is all within reach. Just amazing how much detail and “behind the scenes” stuff Jason works into these effects. Don’t hesitate, get this book!

  14. Michele Isenburg

    Game Changer is a wonderful book. I got it a few weeks ago and I am already in love with it.
    I do not comment on the quality of the book in terms of paper, photographs and layout. It is excellent as all the books published by Vanishing Inc.
    It contains, as Michael Vincent writes in his foreword, professional card materials, a mixture of magic and gambling effects to be performed in front of an attentive audience. Inside the book, reading moving from one effect to another, you can find the explanation of some important card sleights, like the pinky count, the underspread card force, the Mercury card fold, the Erdnase color change, the strip out shuffle. All moves are explained in details. On the pinky count, Jason provides some useful tips on how to master the sleight.

    The effects are not easy to perform and require a lot of practice and dedication to be able to perform confidently in front of a live audience.
    As a hobbyist I find some of the effects out of my technical skills but reading through the pages I found some card masterpieces that I can learn and are just great (Lucky charms, the Wire, Aces anonymous to name a few).

    Another thing that I really enjoyed about the book is the story that Jason tells about what happened to him when he once performed the Luck Charm effect in front of a potential client and how the effect, despite the 2 months rehearsing, did not work as expected due to a mistake from his side. Nevertheless, he could manage to find an out and sell the effect to the client who was so much impressed that he engaged Jason as entertainer for the wedding.

    I like these stories inside a magic book as they help not only to understand that a mistake can happen to everyone, even to a professional magician as Jason but also to give some insights on the personality of the author, giving some “color” to what it might be a dry sequence of card effects.

    Needless to say, but I am eager to see the next book from Jason. In the meantime I have plenty of material to work on.

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Jason makes his living with a deck of cards, and the routines in this book come directly from his close-up act. These effects have been performed over and over for years in front of lay audiences. You’ll find nothing but strong, polished routines that amaze and entertain.
Along with technical ability and presentational skill, Jason’s strengths also include his creativity. He creates new card plots and completely reinvents the classics.
The effects are constructed so as to baffle the sharpest audience. Although some routines in this book will require focused practice, any difficult sleights are taught in explicit detail, and the reward is well worth the work.
350 Pages / 18 Effects / 225 Color Photographs

See what the top names in card magic are saying about Game Changer!

“If you love strong, sophisticated card magic, you’ll love this book.” -Darwin Ortiz
“Game Changer” is not just the title of the latest work from Virtuoso at the Card Table Jason Ladanye; but is in fact just that- as it brings a fresh vista to the elements of real entertainment at the card table. The material is not easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.” -Jack Carpenter
“Packed with terrific psychological insights, stellar example scripting and superb construction and staging, this new book from Jason Ladanye is all killer material with no filler. Light up a good Cuban, pour yourself two fingers of Islay single malt and crack open a fresh pack of cards, because you are in for a real treat.” -Andrew Wimhurst
“The man not only knows his craft, but has worked hard to enrich it with his creativity and technical prowess. I’ve enjoyed Jason’s work for years now, and I’m genuinely excited to know he has more in store.” -Jeremy Griffith
“Jason Ladanye is a hard-core card expert and he makes no apology for his approach and technical virtuosity. This new book will be a welcome addition to all lovers of elegantly crafted card magic. This new book continues right where the last one left off. In fact, Jason has raised the bar higher than I expected of him. Game Changer is sensational. “ -Michael Vincent
"Jason is the "whole package." Consummate chops, deceptive and surprising effects, presentational stories that intrigue and captivate—all wrapped up in a unique, consistent and thoroughly engaging character." -Simon Aronson
“Jason Ladanye is a card magic beast and a card magic machine. It’s one thing to have killer chops; it’s a whole different level to combine those chops with a take-no-prisoners approach to effect construction and leave an audience convinced they’ve seen the face of God. That’s Jason’s mantra. Anyone who reads, learns, and studies this material is going to be a better card worker because of it.” -Tony Cabral
“Jason Ladanye‘s first book put him on the map and his newest book takes him to greater heights. It’s filled with card routines that are smart, engaging, and structured to surprise any audience. A must-have for any card magician.” -John Guastaferro
"Jason Ladanye’s work always combines powerful techniques and methods, convincing structures and intriguing premises into what should be the goal of every professional card magician: strong magic. It's a sure bet that his new book, Game Changer will be exactly that." -Jason England

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