I’d like to share with a few tips for becoming a better magician. I’m fortunate to make my living with a deck of cards and I’d like to pass along a few things I’ve learned over the last thirty years. In this blog, I’ll give away the secrets to becoming more successful, how to become a better technician and performer, tips on mastering difficult sleights, creating original material, and negotiating advice.

The perfect second deal. Unless you’re reading a post on the Magic Café, you may have heard that I’m very proficient at false dealing. So, I’d like to pass on a tip for practicing a second deal. We all have heard you need a “fluid deal.” So, I find that practicing my second deal under water was a huge help. Having a thin layer of water between each card reduces friction and allows for the effortless deal you’re looking for.

Bottom dealing. Some people have said that my bottom deal is one of the best in the world, unless you’re some random guy on the internet that has no experience that feels like it’s necessary to say the exact opposite and that he can do far better yet provides no video to back up his claim. The tip for the best bottom deal is agave nectar. Submerge the deck in the sugary syrup and you’ll get a much better grip on the bottom card.

Hand Tattoos. The more you have, the more you can pretend to be a great magician and card cheat. Once you have too many, you’ll become better than the most legendary card cheat of all time.

Seizure Pass. Make sure when you’re about to do a pass that you violently shake your arms like you’re strangling a rabid squirrel. Next, start foaming at the mouth to create even more misdirection. Curl up into fetal position and execute the pass. Your audience will never know!

Don’t waste time practicing old boring sleight of hand. (How 1900’s is that!?) Just buy things from magic websites the moment you’re fooled. Perform the effect for your friend and then watch him wrestle it out of your hands to find out how it’s done. Afterwards, put the trick in a box and then go back to the magic website and repeat the process.

Hecklers. The next time a heckler asks you to make his wife disappear, do it. Actually knock her unconscious and put her in your trunk and drive her to a remote area in the desert and leave her there to die.

Always end clean. You know that trick you do where you make a hole disappear from a playing card only when you’re wearing your favorite t-shirt? When your friend tries to wrestle the playing card from your hands, knock him unconscious and drive him to a remote area in the desert and leave him there to die.

When negotiating your fee for corporate work, be sure to let your client know that you’ve followed them home and now you know where they live. You know about their kids, pets, their daily routine, and the layout of their home. Remind them that bad things happen to good people all the time and then provide them with a higher quote than usual. Getting the rates you deserve has never been easier.

So, dunk that deck or dip it in honey, get those hands tatted, and blur those classic passes. Buy as much magic as you can and kill anyone that catches you. Follow any and all potential clients to their homes and you’ll end up on top of the magic industry in no time! Also, visit my website for my biggest sale yet. All books, DVD’s, mats, mirrors, and lecture notes are listed for only $8.00! Sale lasts all day today! Happy April Fools Day!


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