Another year has passed and here we are in 2019. During the beginning of the year, I always like to reflect back and think about what I’ve achieved. Most often we as people are always striving to forge ahead and we think of all the things we want. However, it’s very important to realize what you already have and to appreciate that. 2018 was one of my best years so far.

Last year, I did more gigs than I’ve ever done before.  The year started at the Chicago Magic Lounge and Abbott’s convention in Colon, Michigan. Then to Europe for a month stopping at Czech Republic, U.K., Netherlands, and Poland. Last year was my first year at the prestigious 4F convention in Batavia, NY.  Then my cross-county tour started: Philly, Nashville, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Columbus, Sparta, Springfield, St Louis, Kansas City, Omaha, Dallas, Lake Charles, Houston, Tucson, and Las Vegas. I did podcasts with Scott Wells and Discourse in Magic and filmed with Penguin Magic. I was in the close-up show at Magic live. Then my biggest Christmas season to date, almost non-stop dates for all of December. Oh, and I finished my second book. 2018 was a hell of a year!

2019 starts out with a 3-week tour. I’ll be in London for the Session, Magi-fest in Ohio, and the Chicago Magic Lounge. While on this trip, I’ll be making a very special stop somewhere in Kentucky. (More on this later.) After that, I’ve got a brand new two-man show lined up for theaters in NYC. (Wait until you see this new show!) I’ve got lectures lined up in MA, DC, and NYC. I have an 8-day tour across Canada, 4F again, 2 weeks in Spain, a week in Australia for the Assembly convention, TRIC’s, and get this… a week in Beirut! And all this is in just the first half of the year! The snowball effect is happening. Work simply yields more work. (If you want to know more about any of these shows listed above, just send me a message from my contact page.)

The same progression that I think about in my presentations and act is the same progression I apply to filling my schedule. Each year must me better than the last. I’m extremely grateful that I can do what I love for a living. That doesn’t mean though that it’s an easy job. If you want to work more, you must constantly work to fill the pipeline and chase all those leads. The result is well worth it though.

So, what are my New Years resolutions? All this work and travel has made it harder to read, write up new material, relax with long practice sessions and just generally relaxing at home with Lauren and my dog Zadok. It’s also harder to eat clean and stay in shape! This year, I’m going to focus on finding more ways to do both. I’m going to Spain with Lauren! I’ve set goals for writing and I’ve created a deadline. And, I’m finding ways to practice and rehearse efficiently while out on the road.

Finally, I encourage you to do the same. Look not at what you want in the future. Look at what you have now and appreciate it. It doesn’t have to be lots of gigs. It can be the new moves you learned or the books you’ve finished. Set new goals that are realistic and follow through. Just remember to appreciate the journey. Happy new Year everyone!


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  1. Mustafa 5 years ago

    Happy New Year to you, too, Jason.
    Man, I am so jealous of your schedule. I am also very happy. You just kill it, bro. You will be so close to Bulgaria. I wish we could have met. Keep up the hustle!
    The last paragraph made me think about something. I have read Darwin’s “The Next-book Syndrome” in times when I just wanted more effects, more books, more DVDs, as if owning them makes me a better magician. In fact, the work that I put it, creates the skills that combined together create the miracles. I think I should strive for improvement and consistently getting out of my comfort zone, but also appreciate the skills that I have accumulated over the last few years. The fact that I am so damn consistent every day. The fact that I don’t feel as lost in magic as I felt before appreciating Darwin’s and your work and dedicating myself to such high quality material and work ethic. I am amazed every time when I think of holding my first Bicycle deck in hand – the cards slipped off my hand. I could not even hold them. Needless to say things are much better today.
    Something I have found to be true of me is that I work more and better when I don’t try to rush to the next trick or task. I just work at a few things for a week and then switch, do the same, as long as I get good, I don’t mind being slow. If you jump from one thing to another you will never be good at any one thing, right?


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